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   Pick your favourite home department store and you would have surely seen Martina Iuri's amazing textile artworks. For the past 14 years, you can bet Martina’s experience allows her to meet current market trends.


   Based in London but constantly travelling between Usa, Europe and Asia she creates original inspired artworks for bedlinen, curtain, tablecloth and wallpaper. The collection includes a range of modernly painted designs, from flowers to classics damask to graphic geometrics that will suit young and mature markets.


   All the design from hand sketch or watercolour painted are all digitally transform and put in repeat size ready to use.  Manufacturing companies consults AM Creative Collection knowing to find designs that will suit from upmarket to mass market.


   From a 'one woman show', her studio grew from zero to eight designers... artists that are experts and passionate with their own unique handwriting and give to the collection a variety of choices and taste.  The easiest way for clients to get idea of what are the top trends of the moment.


   Quality over quantity is the main engine that drives Martina's boutique studio as a favourite among her vast and international clientele. Simply ask for a time to present her collection, and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.


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